Created during the summer 2006 By Guillaume Brissaud and Valentin Lechat, following the idea of the Residence Minimum Exemplaire held by Clode Coulpier in the north east of France, The Ghost Residence is a free and independant art residency located in Taipei, Taiwan. The Ghost Residence is a place where art studio and living spaces are not clearly delimited, and where friendship and workship do not have clear borderlines.The links and contacts between the residency and artists are created by artists themselves, with no help of any institutions. To create for free, with no instances, in a calm and friendly surrounding, are the only principles of the place. Production of art works did appears at the end of 2006, fed by the generosity of the place and its people. In September 2007 the Ghost Residence moves to new places in translation. From now the Ghost Residence will keep moving in our mind, in our heart with all our friends together and forever. F O R E V E R T O G E T H E R !!!!!
We are preparing new surprises , xiao xing ! comme nous disons par de la chez noux , ahahahahah.

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