2006-2007 THE GHOST RESIDENCE , PRINCIPLES...............

CHang-An Shi Lu , 145 Lane, Alley 14, No.11, TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN.

1st September 2006 until 1st September 2007

The place. A studio and a living home.

The Ghost Residence....this place where we are living now, a kind of Home of happiness, a dream pushing to be true.
A space to host friends and artists from all around the world. We can have Art work at home.....found a space for rehearsals, computering, living, meeting, constructing, painting, writing, sewing, eating, sleeping
The Ghost Residence is located in a social neighborhood constructed by Chang Kai Chek in the old Taipei, near the Taipei Main Station. The Ghost Residence is surrounded by old, disabled and shut-in people, either silences or shriekings make our background atmosphere....
We are the ghosts in this world, places like here don't have to exist anymore , it s still be incredible to have this existance, by our power. Made for few people who want to create, who still want to continue to create and think for the other people about "what does mean humanity' dreams".


The Ghost Residence's financial principle :
The financial management of the Ghost have some garantees from the "friendship subventions" project. The rest of the rental money is
guaranted by ourselves..

Why people help us with 10 euros per month ? Because they understand how it's hard to get a place as an Art residence. Because they are following the energy we handle to elaborate projects.
Because they are artists or friends. Some of them want to join us in Taiwan for working together. We invite people to live with us.
Because 10 euros per person can be small money (many people also, gave to us like one time subventions). All this helps added to the Ghost Residence give us more freedom to build up more projects. The kind of concepts like the friendship subvention are needed to invent some new and deep
human exchanges that couldn t stay alive in a selfish way. We don't like selfish life, we want to share, to live.

>>Friendship subvention (eng)<<

>> 友情攜帶 <<

>> Friendship subventions (fr) <<

>> フレンドシップ・サベンション <<

If you want to help us it's very easy.You can be a company, a friend, a private, a relative, a neightboor, a foreigner, a kid, an artist, a buisness man, a ghost, anyone... you just have to follow the friendship subvention purpose(avaible in 4 languages, francais, english, japanese, chinese) or by contact us by the email at : loveandpower@gmail.com

Thx for your helps !!!
Thx for your patronages !!!

we are connected with some others indenpendant art residencies in the world by the "free zoo"

Independant art residencies network access :


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